GHC Action Items

unnamedWe propose the following action items in order to help restore public faith in national health authorities:

  • Independent oversight and reform of standards of all vaccine development, licensing and production, including pre-licensing clinical trials of vaccines and post-licensing safety monitoring. This should include proper safety studies conducted against a saline placebo control group, and restoration of product liability for vaccine manufacturers.
  • Prohibit any national health agency from accepting phase III/IV clinical trials for marketing approval unless they have been scrutinized for appropriate scientific methodology and all raw data been made open for independent analysis. No drug/pharmaceutical/vaccine shall be formally approved for marketing prior to duplication of results by at least one independent scientific team. Any phase IV clinical trials conducted post-marketing by the pharmaceutical industry must provide all raw data, be open to public scrutiny and conducted in tandem with independent studies of a similar nature. Independent scientific teams must be provided open access to any and all government (taxpayer) sponsored adverse event monitoring systems.
  • Prohibition of government participation in royalty agreements with the pharmaceutical or vaccine industry.
  • Elimination of conflicts of interest by public officials who engage in the regulation and/or approval of vaccinations.
  • Prohibition of employment of persons by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the EMA or any other government entity overseeing public health, who have any relationship to the vaccine or pharmaceutical industry.
  • Prohibition of employment by vaccine manufacturers of individuals who have served in government positions related to vaccine approval, monitoring, or regulation, with the imposition of civil and criminal penalties to deter such conduct.
  • Transparency in the regulation and oversight of all pharmaceutical and vaccination programs for the purpose of prohibiting fraud.
  • Establishment of “whistleblower” protection for individuals who disclose information pertaining to malfeasance in government or the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Stricter regulations governing the marketing of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, particularly to children.
  • Imposition of meaningful criminal sanctions for misconduct related to the development, manufacture, licensing, regulation and monitoring of all pharmaceutical products, including vaccines.