HPV Vaccine Position Statement

unnamedHPV vaccine safety is a global concern. We have joined to act as a global coalition to gather and distribute critical information regarding HPV vaccine safety. Our purpose is to give a global voice to HPV safety concerns in response to a crisis that has followed the global distribution of HPV vaccines. We aim to educate world leaders, the media and the general public regarding our growing concern regarding HPV vaccine safety.

Our mission is to raise global awareness of the side effects following the administration of the HPV vaccine in children and adults.

We affirm the rights of all individuals to free and informed consent prior to vaccination.

We affirm the paramount need for transparency and independence from the pharmaceutical industry in the formulation and implementation of policies by public and private health authorities.

We affirm the right of the public to have access to all information relating to the risks of HPV vaccination.

We affirm the absolute right of all individuals to full disclosure of information related to all potential adverse effects of HPV vaccination.

We affirm the right of all individuals suffering from suspected side effects of the HPV vaccine to receive a diagnosis of their condition and appropriate treatment.